Welcome to the Festival 2024!

The Star Prize Festival is a unique event with performance opportunities for young pianists from around the world. It was first introduced in 2014 when Elena Cobb began working with the UK and overseas music festivals. 
Since 2018, almost three hundred young pianists from eighteen countries have enjoyed the opportunity to perform on the red piano that used to belong to Sir Elton John himself! The children play with the House Band or solo, and the programme includes works by the EVC and guest composers.
Every year, a young composer is invited to premiere a newly created work, and one scholarship place is offered to encourage music education and further opportunities for young musicians.
In 2019, the Festival was shortlisted for the Outstanding Musical Initiative category at the Music & Drama Education Awards.

Memories of your performance at the Elena Cobb Star Prize Festival on the world-famous stage will stay with you forever. It will build your confidence, character and self-esteem and one day, when you are older, you will be telling your own children: 

“When I was your age, I played the piano at the Royal Albert Hall.” 

Elena Cobb

Performance 1 with Audio

Listed in order of the Programme

1Troll Forrest TangoArthur Kabakov

2Lavender HazeElly WangSolo
3Blue LagoonJennah Sophia Chowdhury

4Ameliia GabrelianFiestaSolo
5Shark SoupYoyo Wu

6Good Mood BoogieSuri Lad

7Jacey AnandToccata 1951Solo
8Lucy PangConnemaraSolo
9Samuel Mark YerukhimovichDance,Solo
10Tango 'Til DawnPhoenix LamSolo
11Marooners' RockMirela Cotorobai

12Joy ZhangNocturneSolo
13Vladimir Ibarz-SotirovSnowstorm ÉtudeSolo
14Isaac ArnoldFrench WaltzSolo
15Daniella Roshanthi ArnoldNocturne TristeSolo
16Caleb Ern Zuan LohNocturneSolo
 17Natalia ZolotukhinaBlue MoodSolo
 18Lyla BarkataliGorgeous George

 19Benjamin JiAlways on your side

 20Kacie SamPerro Pequenoo 

 21Harry BrettLuskentare Lullaby Solo
 22Sophia ThompsonPrelude No.4  Solo
 23Kemeng XiongPrelude No 8 Solo
 24Mieko TranStraight On Till Morning Solo
 25Evangeline UnderwoodRhapsody Solo
26Ilyas BeereEmpty Rooms

27Emma Grace PackerRock-n-Roll

28Avery TinVampires Go Struttin'

29Alexandra PaschosCato Vs Clouseau

30Vida BurekovicComptine d`un autre ete - l`apres-midiSolo
31Emily HuIncognitoSolo
32Eric HuSlimline Blues

33Jimmy MoEchoes from the Mountain

34Nathan Curtis WirthKerfuffle Shuffle Boogie

35Micah ChanTBCSolo
36Jonathan QiuBrown Paper Cowboy

37Elizabeth LyNocturne PregandoSolo
38Rachel LyThe Coral SeaSolo
39Ashmi PenumatsaCloud Seven Latin

40. Evan ChangBebop

41. Peter JakicheStar DustSolo


Performance 2 with Audio

Listed in order of the Programme

1Jacob Lucas-AdamsNocturne Moonlight on the WavesSolo
2Bethany ReynoldsThe SwanSolo
3Aryan ZalaMelrose AbbeySolo
4Dominic ChandlerSong for Lance

5Edmond Yin Kei FungTell it to the Cloud

6Donall ChildsRainforest DawnSolo
7Jay DingThe Ice CastleSolo
8Shirley WuRunning Free

 9Olivia Lily Lo NamIn Old Vienna Solo
 10Harrison QuaryNocturne La ballerine solitaireSolo 
 11Tina LiFountains in the Rain Solo
 12Melody MeiHouse Beat

 13Ava CaiMrs Van Der Blond 

 14Catherine WangKerfuffle Shuffle Boogie

 15George Yang Blue River

 16Gabriel AvendañoGrumps 

 17Sara Maria AcuñaMirrors 

 18Simon BernateLondon Stomp 

 19Sofia BerrioStar Dust

 20Juana AcuñaSpinning Sky

 21Ana Sofia CruzOnce Upon A Frozen Winter

 22Juan Jose LondoñoLast Train 

23Nicolas CortesBebop

24Austin NiuNocturneSolo


Review from a teacher:

“Dear Elena,

Thank you so much for organising and creating such a wonderful event for the young musicians. I was gobsmacked at the worldwide scale of the event, the professionalism of all involved and the fantastic band who did a great job of providing such uplifting accompaniment. Playing with a real live jazz band is such a treat for young children.

I hope you get a well-deserved rest, and many thanks once again. It was a really heartwarming event and so inspiring.

With warmest wishes.”
Eva Doroszkowska, piano teacher in London


Review from a parent:

“If not for the festival, we probably wouldn’t choose to travel to London at this particular time, due to the turmoils around the post-COVID world. We are so glad we did; Olivia (my daughter) got the chance to play on the ‘Big Red’, and it was the loveliest trip possible for us as a family; we are falling in love with the people in the UK and the city, a memory we will cherish for a very long time.”

Jay Jinge Hu, USA


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