Piano performance opportunity of a lifetime

Memories of your performance at the Elena Cobb Star Prize Festival on the world-famous stage will stay with you forever. It will build your confidence, character and self-esteem and one day, when you are older, you will be telling your own children: “When I was your age, I played the piano at the Royal Albert Hall.” 
Elena Cobb, founder of the Elena Cobb Star Prize


Such events boost kids motivation enormously!

Irina Gorin / Carmel Klavier Competition USA

Cobb is in the business of allowing young pianists the confidence and energy to fly, to express their enthusiasm and desire to communicate.

Murray McLachlan / Piano Professional Magazine

The Elena Cobb Star Prize Event will undoubtedly be remembered as a landmark in the lives of all who took part.

Andrew Eales / Pianodao.com


6 April, Monday

08.00 Arrive, collect tickets at the Box Office and warm up 
09.30 Concert Part One
10.30 Interval
10.45 Concert Part Two
11.45 Interval
12.15 Masterclass with MURRAY MACLACHLAN, UK
13.00 Interval
13.15 Solo Recital MIYU SHINDO, Japan
13.45 Solo Recital GEORGE HARLIONO, UK
14.15 Award Ceremony


Concert programme will feature works by Hindemith, Liebermann, Kapustin, Bolcom, Rosenblatt, Gavrilin, Norton, Marc-André Hamelin and EVC Music composers.


Murray MacLachlan to give a masterclass at the Elena Cobb Star Prize Festival 2020 at the Royal Albert Hall

Murray MacLachlan, Chair of EPTA UK, Head of Keyboard at Chetham’s School of Music and a Senior Tutor at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, England will be conducting a masterclass at the next Elena Cobb Star Prize Festival at the Royal Albert Hall on 6 April 2020.  

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Japanese pianist Miyu Shindo will give solo recitals at the Elena Cobb Star Prize Festival at the Royal Albert Hall in April 2020

n addition to recitals in her home country of Japan, Miyu Shindo has performed in the Great Hall at the Moscow Conservatory and at Carnegie Hall, and in Austria and Italy. She has collaborated with the Nagoya Philharmonic, Central Aichi Symphony, and Obu Philharmonic Orchestras, and placed in several international competitions.

Miyu is a quarterfinalist of the Cliburn Junior competition 2019.

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George Harliono to perform at the next Elena Cobb Star Prize Festival at the Royal Albert Hall

George Harliono will be performing at the next Elena Cobb Star Prize Festival at the Royal Albert Hall as Lauren Zhang due to her family commitments has to make an unplanned trip to Hong-Kong in April. 

In 2019 George was the only British pianist selected for the Tchaikovsky Competition. George was born in London in 2001, and in 2017 became one of the youngest students ever to take up a four-year scholarship at the Royal College of Music for a BMus degree, studying with Professor Vanessa Latarche. 

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recital programme draft

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Nr Name Title Composer Teacher Country
1 Evan Brooke Spinning Sky Aleksandra Vilcinska Jacob Britz UK
2 Leon Ye Polka Butterfly Elena Cobb Hanlie Martens UK
3 Jasmine Sutton Polka Butterfly Elena Cobb Jena Pang UK
4 Ethan Ng Melrose Place Donald Thomson Jena Pang UK
5 Marie Fischkin / Anastasia Paul DUET The Typewriter Khromushin Elena Tolstykh Austria
6 Valentin Hirsch Cloud Seven Elena Cobb Rita Kroiter Austria
7 Henry Man Mirrors Elena Cobb Jena Pang UK
8 Amir Pedersoli Prelude Nr 6 Tribute to Roberto Garcia Morillo Alberto Ginastera Jena Pang Switzerland
9 Daniel Choi Nocturne Eb Dennis Alexander Tatyana Bayliyeva USA
10 Sean Choi Tarantella Elena Cobb Tatyana Bayliyeva USA
11 Micah Young Six Preludes About Time Mark Goddard Ada Shebanova USA
12 Arthur Yeh New York Nights Philip Martin Ada Shebanova USA
13 Ian Sun Broadway Boogie Woogie Philip Martin Ada Shebanova USA
14 Lillian Shevitz Débutante Grande Valse Philip Martin Tatyana Bayliyeva USA
15 Andrew Lee Babylon Elena Cobb Svetlana Soleimani USA
16 Idan and Michelle Struzh DUET In carriage along the Nevsky prospect Sapozhnikov Tania Kozlova Israel
17 Eden Miroshnik Star Dust Elena Cobb Nadya Fridkovsky Israel
18 Ben Polonsky Morisot, Prelude Nr 3 Graham Lynch Tania Kozlova Israel
19 Yair Yonah Hummingbird Andrew Higgins Tania Kozlova Israel
20 Emmanuelle Struzh Elephant Dance Jacub Metelka Tania Kozlova Israel
21 Lia Ein-Gal Etude No 1 Rotation in blue Alexander Rosenblatt Tania Kozlova Israel
22 Nadav Ein-Gal The Serpent’s Kiss William Bolcom Tania Kozlova Israel
23 Eithan Kemelmakher Motive Force Nikolai Kapustin Tania Kozlova Israel
24 Andrei Filonov Gargoyles, part III Lowell Liebermann Natalia Zhdanova Russia
25 Jessica Howard Once Ipon A Frozen Winter Heather Hammond Maria Kesiak UK
26 Jurand Dlugolecki Sleep Walking Vilcinska Maria Kesiak UK
27 Laura Kessiak / Julian Zhu At the Drop of a Hat Wedgwoods Maria Kesiak, Marta Karbownicka UK
28 Rose MacLachlan Broadway Boogie Woogie Philip Martin   UK
29 Matthew MacLachlan O’Keeffe Blues Philip Martin   UK
30 Annika Elisabeth Jaeger / Maria Gein DUET Carefree in Rio Sam Wedgwood Irina Woronow Germany
31 Arthur Dorian Anderson St Mary’s Loch Donald Thomson Alla Levit UK
32 Alexander Socrates Abderson Monet, Prelude no.4 Graham Lynch Alla Levit UK
33 Riccardo Santoleri Thursday Vol2 Paul Birchall Murray MacLachlan UK
34 Matthew Hatchet The Kelpies’ Jig Donald Thomson Donna Reed USA
35 Aliena Emmi Kurtenacker The Kelpie’s Jig Donald Thomson Ludmila Karmanova Germany
36 Emilia Mateja Lavender Haze Elena Cobb Maggie George UK
37 Vladimir Ivanov Omaggio a Domenico Scarlatti Marc-André Hamelin Tatyana Shklovskaya Russia
38 Desmond Ng Arabia Étude-Tableau Elena Cobb Vivian Fang liu USA
39 Theresa and Tiffany Yung DUET Mrs Van Der Blond Elena Cobb Vivian Fang liu USA
40 Alanna Crouch Waltz Alanna Crouch Christine Crowshaw UK
41 Chengfei Zhang Tango Leone Elena Cobb Nancy Foley USA
42 Evelina Billaud The Cheshire Cat Nikki Iles Kathryn Heathcote UK
43 Marcus Yeung Troubled Water, Margaret Bonds Sueanne Shimabuku Metz USA
44 Adrian Gonzalez Cat and Mouse Aaron Copland Sueanne Shimabuku Metz USA
45 Kaito Mion Buzzing Bee Mark Nevin Sueanne Shimabuku Metz USA
46 Maria Grabar To be confirmed     Russia
47 Noa Kapeyushnik Gargoyles, part ? Lowell Liebermann Tania Kozlova Israel
48 Fallon Katz Empty Rooms Sam Wedgwood Ursula Gruszewsky Australia
49 Sara Ortiz / Maria Alejandra Vanegas DUET Guabina Germán Darío Pérez Juliana Reina Téllez Columbia
50 Inga Liersch To be confirmed   Marina Kheifets Germany
51 Alena Markova To be confirmed   Evgeniya Burganskaya Russia


7 April, Tuesday
Peregrine’s Piano London

09.15 Registration
09.30 Masterclass with Professor VALERI PIASSETSKI, Russia
10.30 MIYU SHINDO Recital, student of Professor Valery Piassetski, Japan
11.30 Masterclass Professor TANIA KOZLOVA, Israel
12.30 Student Recital Class of Professor Tania Kozlova, Israel
13.30 Lunch
14.00 VLADIMIR IVANOV Recital, student of Professor Tatiana Shklovskaya, Russia
15.00 Workshop with Professor TATIANA SHKLOVSKAYA, Russia
16.00 Workshop with IRINA WORONOW, Germany

What is Elena Cobb Star Prize?

Royal Albert Hall Elena Cobb Star Prize

In recent years the Russian-born pianist, teacher, composer, entrepreneur and educator extraordinaire Elena Cobb has made a huge international impact on young pianists. Her name and her extraordinary festival at London’s Royal Albert Hall have attracted considerable attention – and with good reason! Cobb is in the business of allowing young pianists the confidence and energy to fly, to express their enthusiasm and desire to communicate.

Elena Cobb Star Prize Festival at the Royal Albert Hall is a unique event with performance opportunities for young pianists from around the world. It was first introduced in 2014 when Elena Cobb began working with the UK and overseas music festivals. Today, many of them cherish the opportunity to perform at the annual Elena Cobb Star Prize at the Royal Albert Hall Elgar Room on the red piano that used to belong to Sir Elton John himself! 

Festival programme 2020 will include piano works by the contemporary composers Hindemith, Liebermann, Kapustin, Bolcom, Rosenblatt, Gavrilin, Norton, and EVC Music composers chosen by the performers.

In addition to the programme, audience will enjoy solo recitals by the young pianists who have achieved considerable acclaim in their careers: Miyu Shindo, a quarterfinalist of the Cliburn Junior competition 2019 and British virtuoso pianist George Harliono.

Masterclasses by the world renowned piano pedagogues: Director of the Central Music School and Professor at the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory Valery Piassetski, Professor at the Gnessin College of Music in Moscow Tatiana Shklovskaya, Head of Piano at the Chetham’s School of Music, UK Murray MacLachlan.


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All payments are non-refundable in all circumstances unless organisers cancel the event.
No payments are required from those who are placed on waiting lists.