Auditions are open!

Welcome to the Auditions for the Festival 2023 at the Royal Albert Hall Elgar Room!

We are delighted to share that the next event will take place on Monday, 19 June 2023 and for the first time, the Festival will be in the afternoon from 5PM. Following the success of the Festival 2022, we plan for most performers, where possible, to be accompanied by the Instrumental Ensemble. 

For the audition, we require a recent recording of one piece by any composer of any period. The audition is to establish and recommend which piece by the EVC composer would suit the best potential candidate.


Media partners

International Piano magazine, one of the leading international music publications (Mark Allen Group), has become our Media Partner, offering our event more comprehensive media coverage and a prestigious partnership. We are tremendously excited and looking forward to continuing to promote performance opportunities for young pianists playing music by the living composers at the Royal Albert Hall.

Repertoire Lists

An important note to teachers

  • The Audition video should feature a recent recording of one piece by any composer. The Audition is to asses the pupil and to recommend a piece by the EVC Music composer if invited to perform in the Festival
  • If your pupil(s) were successful, email organisers with the title(s) you wish your pupil(s) to perform. A meeting to help with the repertoire selection can be arranged.
  • Tap on the book title to visit the page with previews and audio.
  • Tap for full Terms & Conditions for the Festival 2023.
  • Please note that the list will be updated with more pieces.

Key facts

  • 1 October 2022 – auditions begin
  • 30 November 2022 – auditions close
  • 15 December – the results announced
  • 19 June 2023 – rehearsal at AM
  • 19 June 2023 – the event starts at 5PM
  • Link to the Terms & Conditions, and Fees 
  • Repertoire – scroll down 

Contemporary Classical

Elementary level

Donald Thomson: Piano Halloween Tunes

Lindsey Berwin: Pianolicious Cats
available November 2022

Beginners at various levels

Elena Cobb: My Piano Trip to London Trios

Intermediate level

Donald Thomson: Celtic Piano Music and Winter Piano Music
Melanie Spanswick: Digressions and Piano Waves
Nancy Litten – Piano Postcards
Lindsey Berwin – All the Fun at the Fair
Elena Cobb – Recital PIano Solos book 1

Advance level

Andrew Higgins: Birds Études-Tableaux
Graham Lynch: Art Preludes
Mark Goddard: About Time Six Preludes
Elena Cobb: Recital Piano Solos book 2
Irina Nenartovich: Album for the Young


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About festival

In recent years pianist, teacher, composer, entrepreneur and educator extraordinaire Elena Cobb has made a huge international impact on young pianists. Her name and her extraordinary festival at London’s Royal Albert Hall have attracted considerable attention – and with good reason! Cobb is in the business of allowing young pianists the confidence and energy to fly, to express their enthusiasm and desire to communicate.

Elena Cobb Star Prize Festival at the Royal Albert Hall is a unique event with performance opportunities for young pianists from around the world. It was first introduced in 2014 when Elena Cobb began working with the UK and overseas music festivals. Today, many of them cherish the opportunity to perform at the annual Elena Cobb Star Prize at the Royal Albert Hall Elgar Room on the red piano that used to belong to Sir Elton John himself! 

Memories of your performance at the Elena Cobb Star Prize Festival on the world-famous stage will stay with you forever. It will build your confidence, character and self-esteem and one day, when you are older, you will be telling your own children: 

“When I was your age, I played the piano at the Royal Albert Hall.” 

Elena Cobb