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The Star Prize Festival is a unique event with performance opportunities for young pianists from around the world. It was first introduced in 2014 when Elena Cobb began working with the UK and overseas music festivals. 
Since 2018, almost three hundred young pianists from eighteen countries have enjoyed the opportunity to perform on the red piano that used to belong to Sir Elton John himself! The children play with the House Band or solo, and the programme includes works by the EVC and guest composers.
Every year, a young composer is invited to premiere a newly created work, and one scholarship place is offered to encourage music education and further opportunities for young musicians.
In 2019, the Festival was shortlisted for the Outstanding Musical Initiative category at the Music & Drama Education Awards.

Memories of your performance at the Star Prize Festival on the world-famous stage will stay with you forever. It will build your confidence, character and self-esteem and one day, when you are older, you will be telling your own children: 

“When I was your age, I played the piano at the Royal Albert Hall.” 

Elena Cobb

Repertoire for the Festival 2025

Below, you will find a selection of piano pieces with links to our EVC Music website, which we recommend for the performance in our Festival 2025. The book pages feature audio and preview pages for all pieces.

The date for the Festival 2025 will be announced later this Summer. Please subscribe to our Newsletter not to miss the announcement.

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Jazz and Pop 

Perform with the House Band

Nikki Iles
Piano Tales for Alice Grades 1-3
Piano Tales for Peter Gades 3-5

Elena Cobb
Higgledy Piggledy Jazz, Grades 1-4
Blue River Intermediate level

Sam Wedgwood
Intermediate level
Sam Wedgwood’s Project Jazz Piano
Sam Wedgwood’s Project Pop Piano
Next Level by Sam Wedgwood

Heather Hammond
Intermediate level
Grooves for Piano Dudes book 1
Grooves for Piano Dudes book 2
Grooves for Piano Dudes book 3
Ballads Without Words

Paul Birchall
Blues, Boogie, Jazz & More Intermediate level

Victoria Proudler
Piano Grade Are Go!  Initial to Grade 1, Book 1
Piano Grades are Go! Grade 2-3 Book 2

Aleksandra Vilcinska
Spinning Sky, Intermediate level

Philip Martin
New York Night, Intermediate -Advanced level
Please note that pieces from this book are only available for solo performances.

Contemporary Classical

Perform Solo

Elementary level

Donald Thomson: Piano Halloween Tunes and Celtic Piano Music
Hywel Davies: Sea Creatures

Beginners at various levels

Elena Cobb: My Piano Trip to London Trios

Intermediate level

Donald Thomson: Celtic Piano Music and Winter Piano Music
Melanie Spanswick: Digressions and Piano Waves
Nancy Litten: Piano Postcards
Lindsey Berwin: All the Fun at the Fair
Elena Cobb: Recital PIano Solos book 1

Advance level

Andrew Higgins: Birds Études-Tableaux
David Önaç: Beauty of the Bride
Graham Lynch: Art Preludes
Elena Cobb: Recital Piano Solos book 2
Irina Nenartovich: Album for the Young


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