Elena Cobb Star Prize 2019 Welcomes

Young pianists and their support teams of families, teachers and friends from the following countries: United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, France, Greece, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Israel, United States of America, Australia, Columbia, Russia and Japan.

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festival schedule


4 April 2019, Thursday

10.00 – 11.00 Concert Part One
11.00 – 11.30 Interval
11.30 – 12.30 Concert Part Two
12.30 – 12.45 Interval
12.45 – 13.30 Masterclass with Martin James Bartlett
13.30 – 13.45 Interval
13.45 – 14.15 Solo Recital by Eva Gevorgyan
14.15 – 15.00 Award Ceremony

BBC Young Musician of the Year

The winner of BBC Young Musician of the Year 2014, pianist Martin James Bartlett, will be conducting a masterclass at the next Elena Cobb Star Prize Festival at the Royal Albert Hall on 4 April 2019.

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Elena Cobb Star Prize
Eva Gevorgyan Recital Royal Albert Hall EVC Music

Eva Gevorgyan Solo Recital

The 14-year-old prodigy is to give a solo recital during Elena Cobb Star Prize Festival which takes place at the Royal Albert Hall Elgar Room in London on 4 April 2019.

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recital programme

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Solos, Duets & Trios

  1. The Legend of Lochness, Thomson, Christine Peng, Carmel USA, T. Bayliyeva
  2.  Grumps, Wedgwood, Emily Yang, Carmel USA, T. Bayliyeva
  3. Mrs Van De Blond, Hannah & William Leng, Carmel USA, T. Bayliyeva
  4. Peacock Grande Valse, Cobb, Nikole Ohrimenko, Carmel USA, Israel, T. Yusman
  5. The Swan, Higgins, Asaf Finkel, Carmel USA, Israel, T. Yusman
  6. Rock-n-Roll, Birchall, Daniel Yusid, Carmel USA, Israel, T. Yusman
  7. Arabia, Cobb, Minerva Cao, Carmel USA, I.Gorin
  8. Russian Bells, Cobb, Alexander Chen, Carmel USA, A.Shebanova
  9. TBC, Cobb, Finley Meyer-Melville, Fuerich Vienna, United Kingdom, J.Peng
  10. Herriot Water, Thomson, Amelia Durdy, Don Valley Festival, United Kingdom, M.Symmonds
  11. Storm Scene with Mountains, Lynch, Jurand Dlugolecki, Blackburn Music Festival, United Kingdom, M. Kesiak
  12. Pirates Coming, Joliffe, Emily-May Lalley, Blackburn Music Festival, United Kingdom, M. Kesiak
  13. Ghost Ship, Bullard, Emily Burrows, Blackburn Music Festival, United Kingdom, M. Kesiak
  14. Fire Dance, DUET, Eales, Laura Kesiak, Blackburn Music Festival, United Kingdom, M. Kesiak
  15. TBC, Noeru Iwamoto, Fuerich Vienna, Japan
  16. Lost in Space Waltz, Cobb, Elizabeth Ivanova, Fuerich Vienna, Bulgaria, V.Koleva
  17. Guddly Burn, Alexander Avakyan, Fuerich Vienna, Austria, E.Tolstykk
  18. Maybe Tomorrow, Hammond, Elena Granara-Moser, Fuerich Vienna, Austria, Ula Sharif
  19. Hummingbird, Higgins, Teofil Mikov, Fuerich Vienna, Austria, E.Tolstykh
  20. Corryvreckan Whirlpool, Cobb, Maria Fishkin, Fuerich Vienna, Austria, E.Tolstykh
  21. Tuesday, Birchall, Cobb, Victoria Phan, Fuerich Vienna, U.Gruszewski, Australia
  22. Sunday, Paul Birchall, Yueshi Huo, Fuerich Vienna, U.Gruszewski, Australia
  23. The Lotus Flower, Berwin, Alexander Anderson, United Kingdom, A.Levit
  24. The Carousel, Berwin, Arthur Anderson, United kingdom, A.Levit
  25. The Dodgem Cars, Berwin, Hannah Baker, United Kingdom
  26. The Rollercoaster, Berwin, Christopher Adamou, United Kingdom
  27. The Ghost Train, Berwin, Evan Haochen Cai, United Kingdom
  28. The UFO, Berwin, Roger Luojie Cai, United Kingdom
  29. The Coconut Shy, Berwin, Patrick Crossley, United Kingdom
  30. Peony Pink, Cobb, Stelios Kerasidis, F.Kerasidis, Greece
  31. At the Drop of a Hat, DUET, Wedgwoods, Ella Späth & Natalia Yung, Germany, O.Soltau
  32. Tea Dance, Iles, Lilian Shakra, Germany, O.Soltau
  33. Boom, Said Guy Fawkes, TRIO, Marcus Jean Chaleur-Launay, Emilie Marsan,
    Mila Vial, Trio, Irina Davidova, UK, France, Russia
  34. About Time, Goddard, Noa Kapelyushnik, Tania Kozlova, Israel
  35. TBC, Shani Kapelyshnik, Tania Kozlova, Israel
  36. Saylor’s Hornpipe TRIO, Amely, Lilit, Agnes, Irina Woronow, Germany
  37. Blue River, Cobb, Valerie Philipson, Irina Woronow, Germany
  38. Fourth Street, Wedgwood, Deva Sengun, Irina Woronow, Germany
  39. Debutante Grande Valse, Cobb, Chloe Palmes, Sueanne Shimabuku Metz, USA
  40. Tango Leone, Cobb, Freya, Sueanne Shimabuku Metz, USA
  41. Albatross, Higgins, Gerald Esteban, Sueanne Shimabuku Metz, USA
  42. The Wheels of Time, Hammond, DUET, Sueanne Shimabuku Metz, USA
  43. Penguins Étude-Tableau, Higgins, Pierre Bennett, Mela Bajrambasic, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  44. Arabia Étude-Tableau, Cobb, Adam Kamplet, Planinka Jurisic Atic, Slovenia
  45. Scherzo, Nenartovich, Klara Lužnik, Planinka Jurisic Atic, Slovenia
  46. From The Frog’s Diary, Nenartovich, Jonas Rüde, INIPC Competition USA, Jana Polyanovskaja, Germany
  47. The Wise Old Owl, Higgins, Mickey Manalac, Andrew Eales, United Kingdom
  48. Cheshire Cat, Piano Tales For Alice, Iles, Imogen Owen, Andrew Eales, United Kingdom
  49. TBC, Mariana Gutierrez Belalcazar, Juliana Reina Téllez, Columbia
  50. Saturday, Birchall, Methnuli Rao, Don Valley Festival, United Kingdom
  51. Cloud Seven Latin, Cobb, Alanna Crouch, Christine Croshaw, United Kingdom

about registration & tickets

1. All performers must pay a registration fee of £52
2. Audience members must purchase an admission tickets at £20

Registration £52 includes:

1. Admin costs for the event
2. Masterclass with Martin James Bartlett (observer)
3. Eva Gevorgyan solo recital
4. Performer Certificate of Participation
5. Teacher Certificate of Participation

Admission ticket (will be available to collect at the Albert Hall Box Office on the day of the event)

Audience Ticket £20

1.The actual admission tickets will be available to collect from the Albert Hall Box Office on the day of the event
2. Due to the nature of the event the payment is non refundable
3. Due to the high demand, one audience ticket to accompany one performer.


  1. All performers must pay a standard registration fee
  2. Due to the nature of the event, fees are non refundable
  3. The programme allows only one piece per performer
  4. When playing duet or trio, each performer pays an individual standard fee
  5. Registration closes on 15 February 2019 or as soon as the event is sold out
  6. There is no performance registration fee for teachers playing in duets and trios with their students
  7. Late entries will be received at the discretion of the organisers
  8. The organisers reserve the right to decline entry
  9. The age of the performers is limited between 5 and 18
  10. Our event is not suitable for babies and young children under 6 in the audience and we may decline entry based on this rule
  11. The organisers reserve the right to update terms & conditions
  12. Email on team@elenacobb.com as soon as possible:
    1. If you can not take part in the event
    2. If you found an error
    3. If you want to change the piece for the performance
Elena Cobb Star Prize Royal Albert Hall

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