Elena Cobb Star Prize Event In Gründtadter Sonntags-Spiegel

Elena Cobb Star Prize

A German newspaper Gründtadter Sonntags-Spiegel has published an article about Nicole KaucherChristian Haag and Deva Senguenthree who are all students of Irina Woronow.

It is great to see such interest from the local media and many congratulations to the young stars and their teacher! Their piano trip to London where they performed at the Elena Cobb Star Prize Event at the Royal Albert Hall Elgar Room on 5 April 2018, was a success!

Successful performance in London by young students from the Leiningerland Music School

For an experience of a lifetime, three young pianists travelled to London, accompanied by their teacher Irina Voronov. At the beginning of April, the legendary Royal Albert Hall hosted the ‘Elena Cobb Star Prize’ concert. The composer Elena Cobb, who lives in England, invited young pianists from all over the world to perform together and to personally present their prizes to them. The talented young players from the USA, UK, Germany, Israel, South Korea, Colombia, Austria and Slovenia had previously performed in prestigious international piano competitions and now had the opportunity to perform at the Elgar Room of the Royal Albert Hall on a handcrafted BIG RED Yamaha S6 grand piano to show off their concert program. This bright red instrument is the only one of its kind and was originally owned by Sir Elton John.

Principal Richard Martin said: ‘We are all very proud that our pianists Deva Sengün and Nicole Kaucher have represented the Leiningerland Music School so successfully at a high-level international event. My colleague Irina Voronov organized the trip and prepared the two together with Christian Haag as a guest from Mannheim, meticulously preparing for their grand performance.’

The aim of the concert was to promote talented children and give them the opportunity to perform in one of the most prestigious concert halls in Europe, presenting piano works by contemporary composers such as Elena Cobb, Sam Wedgwood, Heather Hammond, Andrew Higgins, Paul Birchall and Donald Thomson to an international audience. The organiser of the event Elena Cobb was delighted with its outcome.

Irina Voronov said: ‘Of course, the three of them were very excited to perform in such an illustrious venue, and they pulled it off very professionally. With a great deal of personality and enthusiasm, Deva played the piece ‘Mirrors’ by Sam Wedgwood, and Nicole, with her duet partner Christian, the piece ‘Mrs Van Der Blond’ by Elena Cobb.’

Translated by Donald Thomson

Elena Cobb Star Prize Event Article

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