Winners of the Elena Cobb Star Prize at Carmel Klavier Piano Competition 2018 Announced

Carmel Klavier 2018

Huge congratulations to the recipients of the Elena Cobb Star Prize Awards at Carmel Klavier International Piano Competition for Young Artists 2018 and looking forward to seeing you all in London for the 2nd Elena Cobb Star Prize Festival at the Royal Albert Hall on 4 April 2019.

Emily Yang (USA), Elementary A, 1st prize, Hummingbird Étude-Tableau by Andrew Higgins and From the Frog’s Diary, Irina Nenartovich

Daniel Jusid (Israel), Elementary B1, 3rd prize
Sophaia Prabhi-Hensley (USA), Intermediate B, 1st Prize, Star Dust by Elena Cobb
Catherine Cai (USA), Elementary B1, HM
Christina Peng (USA), Elementary B1, 1st prize, Melrose Abbey by Donald Thomson
Hannah Leng (USA), Elementary B2, 3rd prize
Lauren Lo (USA), Elementary B2, 3rd prize
William Leng (USA), Elementary A, HM, Gavotte, Irina Nenartovich
Minerva Cao (USA), Elementary, HM
Alexander Chen, 1st Prize, Russian Bells Étude-Tableau by Elena Cobb

Lucy Yang (USA), Star Dust by Elena Cobb
Peter Jakiche (USA), Donald Thomson
Also, Asaf Finkel, (Israel), Arabia Étude-Tableau by Elena Cobb

Photo by Juliana Reinat Piano Studio

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