Feurich Vienna Competition Elena Cobb Star Prize Laureates Announced

Feurich Vienna 2018

We are delighted to invite all Contemporary Composer Category performers at the 3rd Feurich Vienna International Competition to perform at the Elena Cobb Star Prize Festival on 4 April 2019 which will take place at the Royal Albert Hall The Elgar Room in London.

A heartfelt thank you to the event organisers: Elena Tolstykh, Maria Pischlöger-Karastoyanova, Inge Richter, and especially, to Ernst and Bai Lin Bittner, for the unforgettable memories of hearing piano works by EVC Music composers Donald Thomson, Paul Birchall, Andrew Higgins and Elena Cobb during the competition and the Gala concert.

Elizabeth Ivanova (Bulgaria), 4 yo, Polka Butterfly by Elena Cobb
Alexander Avakyan (Austria), 9 yo, Brodie’s Jig, by Donald Thomson
Elena Granara, (Austria/Italy), 11 yo, Lavender Haze by Elena Cobb
Finlay Joe Meyer-Melville (UK), 12 yo, Lavender Haze by Elena Cobb
Victoria Phan, (Australia), 11 yo, Hummingbird Étude-Tableau by Andrew Higgins
Taisia Tabarez, (Austria), 11 yo, Take Three Jazz Waltz by Elena Cobb
Mithun Lyyen Perumal Madhu Sharmila (UK), 12 yo, Babylon by Elena Cobb
Alexander Weissenback, (Russia), 11 yo, Shark Soup by Sam Wedgwood
Yueshi Huo, (Australia), 10 yo, Russian Bells by Elena Cobb
Herbert Weissneback, (Austria), 13 yo, Monday & Wednesday by Paul Birchall
Maria Fishkina, (Germany), 11 yo, Time To Catch A Train by Elena Cobb

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