Interview with Murray McLachlan for Piano Professional Magazine

In recent years pianist, teacher, composer, entrepreneur and educator extraordinaire Elena Cobb has made a huge international impact on young pianists. Her name and her extraordinary festival at London’s Royal Albert Hall have attracted considerable attention – and with good reason! Cobb is in the business of allowing young pianists the confidence and energy to fly, to express their enthusiasm and desire to communicate.

She does this through her extremely successful series of publications which includes a list of best-selling compositions by some of the leading composers of educational piano
music working today. With her vibrancy, positive aesthetic and desire to reach out to more and more young pianists the world over, Elena Cobb is a perfect role model for aspiring young musicians. It was fascinating to learn more about her motivations and projects in a recent interview exclusively for Piano Professional:

Source Piano Professional Magazine issue No 50 April 2019

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