Japanese Pianist Miyu Shindo Will Give Solo Recitals at the Elena Cobb Star Prize Festival at the Royal Albert Hall in April 2020

MIYU SHINDU, will be another young star to perform solo recitals on both days of the next Elena Cobb Star Prize Festival at the Royal Albert Hall.

In addition to recitals in her home country of Japan, Miyu Shindo has performed in the Great Hall at the Moscow Conservatory and at Carnegie Hall, and in Austria and Italy. She has collaborated with the Nagoya Philharmonic, Central Aichi Symphony, and Obu Philharmonic Orchestras, and placed in several international competitions.

Miyu is a quarterfinalist of the Cliburn Junior competition 2019.

She recently moved to Russia to study with Valery Piassetski at the Central Music School in Moscow, where she notes that there are many different people from many different places.

They speak Russian to each other, but “sometimes we can’t understand what the other person wants to say. When we talk about music, though, we can talk forever!” Outside of piano, she likes to listen to music and read books.

“If every human in this world will love music and tell each other ‘thank you for giving me wonderful happiness,’ we would not hate anyone. I believe that music has a big power to change the world.”

Eva Gevorgyan (Russia) performed a solo recital at the festival 2019.

Photo and text credit to The Cliburn Junior website

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