Tatiana Shklovskaya, Professor at the Gnessin Special Music School in Moscow will Present a Workshop during Elena Cobb Star Prize Festival in London

Workshop: Pre-reading Period with Beginners, Tuesday 7 April at 15.00 Peregrine’s Pianos London 
Student Recital: Vladimir Ivanov, Tuesday 7 April at 14.00 Peregrine’s Pianos London
Vladimir will also appear in the programme on 6 April at the Royal Albert Hall Elgar Room
Private coaching: Tuesday 7 April Peregrine’s Pianos London 
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TATIANA SHKLOVSKAYA currently splits her teaching between the Gnessin Special Music School (МССМШ им.Гнесиных), where she studied under Profs Rodzevich and the State Classical Academy in Moscow. She is a graduate of the famous Gnessin Russian Academy of Music under Profs Gutman.

During second day of the festival, Profs Shklovskaya will present a workshop Pre-reading Period with Beginners and her student at the Gnessin State Music College Vladimir Ivanov will perform a solo recital. Vladimir will also appear in the programme at the Royal Albert Hall Elgar Room with two Etudes by Kapustin on the first day of the festival. Read more >

Profs Shklovskaya’s acclaimed pupil Alexey Melnikov who studied with her for thirteen years and later studied under the legendary piano pedagogue Professor Sergei Dorensky, received the Third Prize and Bronze Medal in the XVI International Tchaikovsky Competition.

Ms Shklovskaya’s pedagogical approach is based on the traditions of the Russian Piano School and Heinrich Neuhaus. She has enjoyed a successful concert pianist career with the Moscow State Philharmonia and became a laureate of national and international piano competitions, receiving several important government honours and awards. She is, she says,

“very proud of her students who have become fine musicians and laureates of national and international competitions in Europe, Asia and US more than a thousand times!”