Amigdala Piano Competition

IX Amigdala International Music Competition in Sicily

4 – 16 May 2019, Aci Bonaccorsi Catania in Sicily

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Performance Repertoire List – please select and tap on the link to order the book.

Cat. Baby Musicians: born from 01/01/2013 5+ max 4 min. Entry Fee € 40.00
Higgledy Piggledy Jazz, Polka Butterfly
Piano Tales For Alice, Tea Dance
Sound Sketches, Lago di Como
Piano Olé!, Flamenco Fiesta

Cat. A: born from 01/01/2009 age 9+ max 5 min. Entry Fee € 45.00
A Borders Suite, Melrose Abbey
Album For The Young, From the Frog’s Diary
Sam Wedgwood’s Project book 2, Shark Soup
Sam Wedgwood’s Project book 2, Cato v Closeau

Cat. B: born from 01/01/2006 age 12+ max 7 min. Entry Fee € 50.00
Piano Recital Solos book 1, Lavender Haze
Piano Recital Solos book 2, Russian Bells Étude-Tableau
Sam Wedgwood’s Project book 2, Fourth Street
Daily Expressions book 1, Tuesday

Cat. C: born from 01/01/2003 age 15+, max 10 min. Entry Fee € 55.00
Piano Recital Solos book 2, Arabia Birds Étude-Tableau
Birds Études-Tableaux, Hummingbird Étude-Tableau
Six Preludes About TIme
Album for the Young, Scherzo