Elena Cobb Star Prize

26-30 June 2019

Contemporary Composers Category 2019

For the third year running, the committee for the Carmel Klavier International Piano Competition has selected piano works published by EVC Music for the programme and a great variety of piano pieces by our composers will be featured in the Contemporary Composers category.

Cash Prizes

Cash prizes will be awarded to the most outstanding performances of their works. Pieces by either composer may be used to enter the Contemporary Composers category (levels Elementary, Intermediate. & Advanced).

Invitation to perform at the Winners Concert at the Royal Albert Hall

And the most exciting prize of all – the winners will be invited to perform at the Winners Concert at the Royal Albert Hall in Spring 2020. Please email team@elenacobb.com for any questions and sign up for updates.

Special Jury Award

One performer from all categories will be awarded a Special Jury Award and will be invited perform at the next Elena Cobb Star Prize event at the Royal Albert Hall in London on April 4, 2020.

Carmel Klavier Rules and Regulations

For full information on Rules and Regulation for the Clavier Karmel piano competition, please click on the link Carmel Klavier Rules and regulations to download or preview the file.

Elena Cobb Star Prize Festival Terms & Conditions

To read all information regarding our terms and conditions, please tap the link.


Late Elementary to Early Intermediate
Piano Tales For Alice by Nikki Iles, solos only, Jazz, Blues
Lost In Space Waltz by Elena Cobb, contemporary classical
From the Frog’s Diary by Irina Nenartovich, contemporary classical
Gavotte by Irina Nenartovich, contemporary classical
A Borders Suite by Donald Thomson, contemporary classical
Daily Expressions book 1 by Paul Birchall, contemporary classical
Piano Recital Solos book 1 by Elena Cobb, contemporary classical
Sam Wedgwood’s Project, book 2, Jazz piano
Birds by Andrew Higgins, contemporary classical
About Time, Six Preludes by Mark Goddard, contemporary classical
Piano Recital Solos book 2 by Elena Cobb, classical contemporary 

Click on the title to preview and hear the pieces.

Many congratulations to the winners of the Elena Cobb Star Prize at the Carmel Klavier International Piano Competition:


Minerva Cao (USA)
Deva Sengun (Germany)
Victor Perez (USA)
Jude Fradillada (USA)
Julian Rodriguez (Colombia)
Lauren Lo (USA)
Christina Peng (USA)


Emily Yang (USA), Elementary A, 1st prize
Daniel Jusid (Israel), Elementary B1, 3rd prize
Sophaia Prabhi-Hensley (USA), Intermediate B, 1st Prize
Catherine Cai (USA), Elementary B1, HM
Christina Peng (USA), Elementary B1, 1st prize
Hannah Leng (USA), Elementary B2, 3rd prize
Lauren Lo (USA), Elementary B2, 3rd prize
William Leng (USA), Elementary A, HM
Minerva Cao (USA), Elementary, HM
Alexander Chen, 1st Prize

Lucy Yang (USA)
Peter Jakiche (USA)
Also, Asaf Finkel, (Israel)