Don Valley Festival Performance List 2019

Below you will find a brand new Elena Cobb Star Prize Performance List for Don Valley Festival April 5th – 7th 2019.

Performers in all categories must select pieces accordingly to their Grade/Level.
Adjudication will be based on the overall excellence of the performance and musicianship, e.g. text accuracy, musicality and general impression of which particular performance was better and stood out from the crowd.
In addition to the cash prizes, winner in each category scored no less than 18 points out of 20 will be invited to perform at the Winners Concert at the Royal Albert Hall (Elgar Room) in Spring 2020. Please read full Terms & Conditions here >

Duets & Trios (can include teacher)
Beginners (Prep Test) to late intermediate Gr6 ABRSM)
1. Prep Test, Gr1 and Gr2 TRIO (for various levels) Tea For Three by 3. Elena Cobb, My Piano Trip To London
2. Gr 3 DUET Pink Flamingos by Nikki Iles, Piano Tales For Alice
3. Gr 4-5 DUET Mrs Van Der Blond Duet by Elena Cobb 

CLASS 70 – Solo class
Beginners (Prep Test) to Early Intermediate (Gr5 ABRSM)
1. Prep Test Pirate Song arr.Elena Cobb, My Piano Trip To London book 1
2. Gr1 Milky Way by Elena Cobb, Piano Aliens 
3. Gr2 Paris Valse by Graham Lynch, Sound Sketches volume 1
4. Gr3 No Way Jose! by Heather Hammond,Piano Olé!
5. Gr4 Blue Onions by Sam Wedgwood, Sam Wedgwood’s Project
6. Gr5 From The Frog’s Diary by Irina Nenartovich, Album For The Young

CLASS 71 – Solo Class
Intermediate (Gr6 ABRSM) to Advanced (Gr8)
1. Gr6 The Wheels Of Time by Heather Hammond, Ballads Without Words book 1
2. Gr7 The UFO by Lindsey Berwin, All The Fun Of The Fair
3. Gr8 Russian Bells Étude-Tableau by Elena Cobb, Piano Recital Solos book 2