Elena Cobb Winners Concert Albert Hall 2018

Here was a showcase of great playing delivered by young people from around the UK and beyond, each performing and clearly relishing music by a host of living writers, and in many cases in the very presence of those composers. The Elena Cobb Star Prize Event will undoubtedly be remembered as a landmark in the lives of all who took part, just as Elena has predicted. If you have a chance to attend, be there! Very highly recommended!
Andrew Eales, Pianodao.com UK

On 5 April 2018, EVC Music and the British & International Federation of Festivals presented the first Elena Cobb Star Prize Winners Concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London at the Elgar Room and all performers who won the Prize in the Federation Festivals since 2014 were invited to take part. The invitation was also extended to festivals here in the UK and abroad that aren’t current members of the Federation but included Elena Cobb classes in the last three years. The programme for the event at the Royal Albert Hall, Elgar Room also included a showcase featuring new educational music released by leading British publishing companies and performed by talented young musicians.

Event Highlights

Please watch the highlights from the ELENA COBB STAR PRIZE FESTIVAL 2018. The Winners Concert and Showcase Recital featured 42 young pianists from Columbia, USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Gibraltar, Israel and South Korea. It included piano pieces by Heather Hammond, Elena Cobb, Donald Thomson, Paul Birchall, Andrew Higgins, Lindsey Berwin, Irina Nenartovich, Christopher Norton, Pam & Olly Wedgwood and Sam Wedgwood. Students of teachers: Irina Gorin, Irina Mints, Planinka Jurisic Atic, Zoltan Fuzessery, Irina Woronow, Tamara Yusman, Ada Kan, Ada Shebanova, Monika Bernhardt, Kay Lang, Liz Giannopoulos, Tatyana Bayliyeva, Jena Pang, Ben Andrew, Juliana Reina Téllez, Cathy Batchelor, Alla Levit, Christine Croshaw, Isobel Kennedy, Jean Stuart, Elena Toltykh, Maria Pischloger, Dmitri Klimentko, Jo Dolman, Antonietta Notariello, Monika te Stake. The event was created in partnership with the British & International Federation of Festivals, ABRSM and Alfred UK. 


Event Programme

08.15 Registration and ticket collection
08.30-10.30 Warm up in the Elgar Room and Circle Room
10.45 Elgar Room open for public
11.00-12.00 Part 1 – Winners Concert
12.00-12.15 Interval
12.15-13.15 Part 2 – Showcase Recital
13.15-13.20 Short Break
13.20-14.30 Masterclass
14.30-15.00 Certificate Award ceremony

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