Reviews by parents

We want to thank you for the incredible experience that the Festival was for our daughter and for us as a family. We will always carry in our minds and hearts that great moment when he played the red piano in the Elgar Room. Thank you for this space for our daughter and for the children of the world. A big hug and all our gratitude. We appreciate the photos and video you sent us.

Cruz Medina Family, Colombia
I want to thank you for your kindly attention regarding the piano event. I really appreciate every detail you had with us. We are very happy and grateful for this opportunity that our son had, and the fortune he had to meet special people that he will surely remember forever. We recieved the photos and the video that were taken during the presentation, everyting spectacular and very emotional. Thank you very much for sharing with us, it is very important for us. I hope we could meet in another time. Thank you for everything and best wishes for the new projects. 
Best regards, 
Fabiana Estrada, Colombia
Thank you so much for a beautiful day me and my family had at the Star Prize Festival I have never been to the Royal Albert Hall before and I’m very privileged to say I saw my own child play there and it was lovely to be around such good people thank you again for all your support and information. Thank you! 
Yours sincerely 
Shareen Taylor, UK
We are super proud of our daughter. I was in tears when she was playing at the stage. Thank you for having us at the festival it was a once in a lifetime experience for us , and also sharing piano experiences with other students from different countries. 
Thank you & regards,
Liya, Australia

Review by teachers

Thank you soooooooooooo much, dear Elena!! I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for us and for all the students around the world! I’m so happy you enjoyed their performances! We have worked very hard on the repertoire and enjoyed every note and rest! ❤️🎵 we love your music! Hope to see you in London next year!

Vivian Fang Liu, USA


I just wanted to follow up and congratulate you on this wonderful milestone, Festival Anniversary! It’s a brilliant idea to have the professional band play with the students, to have music by living composers performed, and to have composers presented at the event. You did it all: the idea, the organization, all the communication, looked gorgeous, put children at ease… Incredible! Thank you again for allowing my father’s piece to be presented and for the lovely afternoon tea on Sunday! I hope you are pleased with the outcome and are having some downtime!
Until we meet again,
Irina Behrendt, USA
Thank You for the wonderful opportunity and high standards of the festival! It was a joy but also an educational experience. My pupils were very proud to have been able to play and, as you said, an experience they will never forget.
I don’t know how you find the energy to organise all this but thank God you do!
With much gratitude,
Gabriella, UK
Thank you for this picture and the wonderful memories of this event. Having hosted a few piano recitals over the years, I was impressed at your organisation and sensitive handling of students, teachers, parents and band. Bravo! I know that my pupil’s parents were thrilled at the opportunity, and it was a memorable experience for all. 
Thank you,
Kristl Kirk, UK

Reviews by composers

Dear Elena,
I am full of admiration for your fantastic organisation last night. Special people like you are ensuring the future for the next generation and boy do we need to keep this going. It’s been so special having Sam (Wedgwood) here and he was also impressed with the evening. Thanks again for this wonderful award.

Pam Wegwood, UK

What a triumph! A fantastic event …huge congrats xx

Nikki Iles,UK

Dear Elena,
Thank you so much for a wonderful, well organised and impressive evening. I admire your determination, vision, hard work and passion. I am very humbled to be included in this photo among the greats.
Angeline Bell, UK.