Irina Woronow Will Present a Workshop Based on the Orff Method and Her New Book During Elena Cobb Star Prize Festival

Workshop: Applying the Orff method with 4 to 5-year-old beginners, using tunes on the black keys Tuesday 7 April at 16.00 Peregrine’s Pianos London Sign up for info > Irina Woronow, the author of the popular piano method Klavierschule Verliebte Giraffe, studied the classic approach to piano pedagogy at the Kazakh National Academy of Music and the Orff method at […]

Elena Cobb Star Prize Event In Gründtadter Sonntags-Spiegel

Elena Cobb Star Prize

A German newspaper Gründtadter Sonntags-Spiegel has published an article about Nicole Kaucher, Christian Haag and Deva Senguenthree who are all students of Irina Woronow. It is great to see such interest from the local media and many congratulations to the young stars and their teacher! Their piano trip to London where they performed at the Elena Cobb Star […]