the British & International Federation of Festivals

Elena Cobb Star Prize Winners at the Don Valley Festival

What Support Will Receive Our Festival?

One three-hour Adjudicator session to include at least the three Elena Cobb classes detailed below.
Three £50 cash prizes for the winner of each Elena Cobb class. 
A high-quality Elena Cobb Star Prize badge and certificate for the winner of each class.
The funding will only be distributed to the Festival once the Federation has received confirmation that the Elena Cobb classes will take place and that a Federation Adjudicator has been booked for the full three-hour session.

How To Apply?

To apply, or if you require any additional information, please email to  at Festivals House as soon as possible as funds will are allocated on a first come first served basis.

Festival organisers can choose any one, two or as many pieces as they wish for each class from the Performance Repertoire List below.

Please email with any questions or to arrange a phone call conversation when advice is needed on the repertoire. 

Performers in all categories must select pieces accordingly to their Grade/Level.

In addition to the cash prizes, the winners in each category will be invited to perform at the Elena Cobb Star Prize Festival at the Royal Albert Hall Elgar Room in London.

Adjudication will be based on the overall excellence of the performance and musicianship, e.g. text accuracy, musicality and general impression of which particular performance was better and stood out from the crowd.

In 2015 The British and International Federation of Festivals made an announcement that Elena Cobb Star Prize will be awarded in the three new categories during festivals. This innovative opportunity was designed to increase participation at the member festivals and since then, Elena Cobb was working with the Federation to help provide direct financial support to Festivals to include three new piano classes in their Syllabus.

From 2017, The British Federation of Festivals, EVC Music, and ABRSM are joining forces and Elena Cobb Star Prize will include a wide selection of music by modern British composers published by Elena Cobb (EVC Music Publications Ltd) and feature Piano Star books 1-3 published by the ABRSM in the Solo Class Beginners to Intermediate level: up to Prep Test level, Prep test level and Prep Test level to Grade 1 level. The duets from these books are included in the Duet & Trios Class for all levels.

The first Elena Cobb Star Prize Winners Concert took place at the Royal Albert Hall in London on April 5th, 2018. In addition, the programme included a showcase featuring new educational music released by EVC Music and leading British publishing companies and performed by talented young musicians. 

UK 2015

Selston Music Festival, November 11

UK 2016

Perthshire Musical (Comp) Festival Assoc, February 4
Don Valley Festival, February 18
Tunbridge Wells Arts Festival, February 22
Gibraltar Festival for young Musicians Allegro Music, March 3
Blackburn Festival, May 3
Hounslow Festival, June 21
Southend-on-Sea Musical Festival, October, 31

UK 2017

Berkshire Musical Festival, January, 25
Cornwall Music Festival, March 14
Don Valley Festival
, June 3
Hazel Grow, February, January 24
Highbridge Festival of Arts, February 7
Perform in Perth, January 3
Richmond upon Thames Performing Arts Festival, March 7
Blackburn Festival of Music, Speech and Drama, April 13
Southend Musical Festival, January 11

UK 2018

Highbridge Festival of the Arts
Ran two classes on March 12th 2018
Duets & Trios: 5 entries, William Gardner, marked 87
Beginner – Intermediate: 4 entries, Hannah Coulton, marked 87 marks

Don Valley Festival
Ran three classes on March 17th 2018
Duets & Trios: 8 entries, Isla Barlow, marked 84
Beginner – Intermediate: 8 entries, Methnuli Rao, marked 88
Intermediate – Advanced: 2 entries, Amelia Durdy, marked 85
Ran three classes on March 18th 2018
Duets & Trios: Sarah & Laura Inglis, marked 87
Beginner – Intermediate: Angus Sloan, marked 88
Intermediate – Advanced: Archie Sloan, marked 86

Tunbridge Wells Arts Festival
Ran three classes on March 10th 2018
Duets & Trios: 16 entries, Samuel Museka & Susannah Wells – duet with teacher up
to PT eligible (Samuel) & duet with teacher grade 1 – 3 eligible (Susannah)
Elementary Piano Recital Gr 1 -5: 3 entries, Bailey Stevenson
Advanced Piano Recital Gr 6-8: 2 entries, Amelia Ross

Richmond upon Thames Performing Arts Festival
Ran three classes on March 11th 2018
Duets & Trios – Beginners to Late Intermediate: 3 entries, Lilly Kurata & Ivan Rodriguez
Solo – Beginners to Early Intermediate: 2 entries, Nicholas Wepener
Intermediate – Advanced: 2 entries, Lilly Kurata

Perform in Perth, March

Blackburn Festival of Music, Speech and Drama, April, May, June
Duets & Trios: 1st Emily Burrows, 2nd Laura Kesiak
Open Solo Gr1-5: 1st Jurand Dlugolecki 2nd Emily May Lalley, 3rd Hannah Grimes

Southend Musical Festival, November